Caden Crain: Daughter Of Adult Film Actors Stormy Daniels & Brendon Miller

From the outside, celebrities’ lives look glamorous and luxurious, but a closer inspection reveals their torn-apart lives. Their children often become victims of a lack of privacy, public pressure, and more. The same happened with Caden Crain, daughter of adult film stars Stormy Daniels and Brendon Miller. In this article, we will tell how her parents’ career, their decision to divorce, and Daniels’ involvement in a high-profile hush-money case impacted Caden’s life.

Caden Crain: Introduction

Caden Crain is a 13-year-old American girl. She was born in 2011 in Texas to Stormy Daniels and Brendon Miller, both adult film actors. They married in 2015 after Caden’s birth and divorced in 2018. Brendon filed a divorce petition alleging adultery on Daniels’ part. Since then, Caden has been living with her father in Texas. Daniels is involved in a hush-money case with former US president Donald Trump. All these incidents impacted Caden’s life in his early childhood.

Evaluation Of The Impact Of Various Events On Caden Crain

Career Of Stormy Daniels & Brendon Miller

Both of Caden’s parents are adult film actors. Brendon Miller, also known as Glendon Crain, has worked in various adult films and won awards for his performances, including the NightMoves Best Male Performer Award in 2012. Before entering into the adult film industry, he was a drummer and worked for various bands. Later, he left the acting career and chose to follow his passion for music. On the other hand, Stormy Daniels, also known as Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford started her career as a stripper and then became an adult film actress and director. She has numerous nominations and award records in her name, including NightMoves Best Actress Award in 2004 and Porn Hub Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023. Reportedly, Daniels made Caden travel with her during her stripper’s tours. This environment took a toll on her innocent phase of life as she couldn’t get enough time to spend with her parents.

Divorce Of Her Parents

In 2018, Brendon Miller (Glendon Crain) sued Daniels and filed a divorce on the pretext of adultery. He asked for the custody of her daughter while alleging that Daniels would ruin the life of her daughter and it would put her daughter in eminent threat of serious and immediate physical or emotional harm. The separation of Caden’s parents affected her emotional well-being. The court gave custody of Caden to her father Glendon Crain. Being raised as a single parent-child Caden missed the love of a mother leaving her with an intense longing for love.

Stormy Daniels Vs. Donald Trump

Stormy Daniels hit the headlines in 2018 when the prominent newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, published about the affair of Stormy Daniels with former US President Donald Trump, and a huge amount of money was paid to her to keep her mouth shut regarding this. As per the reports, Trump had an affair with Daniels in 2006. In 2016, when Trump ran for the US presidential election, he made his attorney, Michale Cohen, pay $130,000 to Daniels and made her sign a non-disclosure agreement. Daniels stated that they threatened her and her daughter Caden if she ever disclosed the affair in public. Considering Caden’s safety, Daniels stopped meeting her. This complex situation again put Caden into a trauma who was still going through the divorce of her parents.

Brendon Miller’s Job As Dishwasher

Reportedly, after leaving his career of acting, Brendon Miller started working as a dishwasher at a restaurant close to his home so that he could take care of her daughter in a better way. He worked at Chili’s restaurant in a Dallas suburb, USA. This shows the financially torn situation of Brendon and the challenges he and Caden must be facing in their day-to day lives.


Caden Crain is facing hard challenges at a tender age. When she should play with toys and think about the flavors of ice cream, she is going through her parent’s divorce and her mother’s controversial involvement with the former US president while living with her father who works as a dishwasher. These events impacted her mental health. She required affection and care, but she often faced the media and their hard questions about her parents. She needs to create her own identity that is not related to her parent’s career and their choices. Caden’s tale is a reminder that we need to keep children away from such kind of heart-breaking events to protect their innocence.


What are the real names of Caden Crain’s parents?

Caden’s mother’s real name is Stephanie A. Gregory, and her father’s is Glendon Crain. They changed their names to Stormy Daniels and Brendon Miller, respectively, after entering the adult film industry.

When did Caden Crain’s parents get married and divorced?

They got married in 2015 four years after the birth of Caden, and separated in 2018.

How can we save children from not becoming a victim of parent’s deeds?

We must provide children with care, love, and understanding of their emotions at a tender age. They are not mentally ready to face the media’s questions about their family issues. Fans and the media both need to understand this to keep the children away from the chaos and success of their parent’s lives.

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